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The physio therapy company is run by Finnish Physiotherapist and fitness coach Janina Rajecki Davis. Janina has been working with athletes, recreational sports people as well as helping inactive people to become more  active for over 13 years. Her holistic approach in treating injuries and pain has helped many of her clients get back to their training, work or everyday life with long lasting results. Read about her clients' comments here.

She is currently operating from Helmi Center Malmi, Finland, but travels to different races helping athletes to perform to their best ability. Janina is owner of  Southern Track, a company based in Southern Spain specializing in tailor-made sport and activity holidays. A few months of the year you can find Janina in sunny Spain. Read more about Janina's background and her clients comments or contact directly on the contact form. You can find out about the services and prices on the "HINNAT" page.


Janina is the creator of the 'Runner's Licence', a test protocol which helps to detect factors behind repetitive strain injuries in recreational and professional runners as well as triathletes. Besides her degree on Physcial therapy she has done the following  continous learning qualifications:

  •  Fundamental and clinical perspectives on the shoulder complex

  •  Dry Needling, Puncion seca y liberacion de puntos gatillo miofasciales

  •  Physiotherapy Conference, Fysioterapia 2016, “Lower Extremities”

  • Kinesiotaping, Basic and Advanced Techniques

  • Functional Anatomy and Palpation of the Spine

  • Functional Anatomy, Palpation and Manual Therapy of the Shoulder Complex and Upper Extremities

  • Fascia Training Workshop

From Fitness and Sports she has the following qualifications: 

  • Running Technique Instructor

  • Kettlebell Instructor

  • MMA Fitness Instructor

  • Indoor Cycling Instructor

  • Zumba Instructor

  • Gym Instructor

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I had been having a number of issues with my back and shoulders which had not been resolved with other therapists.  Janina used a variety of massage techniques which immediately made a difference.  The effects were far longer lasting than I have found elsewhere.  Janina’s experience as an athlete in addition to her extensive physio training means she understands her clients’ issues and is able to work through them.  She is also both professional and friendly.  I would highly recommend her.

Male, 42 years

Janina’s holistic approach to physical therapy has helped me overcome a couple of injuries while I was training for my first marathon. During my training, I had very painful shin splints on the front of my right lower leg and tightness/pain on my left hip. In order to understand the underlying cause of my problems, Janina first asked me many questions about my lifestyle and training, watched my postured while I walked and did mobility tests. She then identified where my pain was really coming from and found out that the reason I had shin splints and hip pain/tightness were mainly because of overcompensation. Janina’s approach was really helpful because she was able to identify a few things I was unconsciously doing that were harming my health and prescribed me a few exercises to stretch and strengthen the correct muscles. Unlike many physical therapists I had been to, Janina addresses/evaluates more than a patient’s immediate symptoms/condition…she has guided me to a healthier lifestyle and helped me get back on the road so I could complete my first marathon.

Female, 28 years

I would like to thank Janina for the great care I have received. I am family practice physician and triathlete, so impressed with Janina’s ability to diagnose my injuries and apply manual medicine combining the disciplines of physical and massage therapy. The treatments I received were enhanced with a home exercise program to keep me on the mend. If you are not aware Janina and her husband David are revered in the triathlon and athletic community, training /advising elite amateur and professional athlete’s. The good news, you do not need to be professional athlete to get her care, just call and schedule an appointment. I live in Seattle Washington, if I sustain an injury in the future that is not improving I will get myself on a plane to get Janina’s opinion and treatment. 

Male, 52 years

Within the first 6 weeks of starting Ironman training, I was experiencing a few unusual sensations that concerned me – in my back and shoulders.  By happenstance, I was introduced to Janina.  She was able to immediately come to my home with her mobile table to assess and form an improvement plan.  She noted my limitations, abilities, and where I could get to – if I did the physical work needed.  Her goal was to get me on my way, as quick as possible using natural solutions – avoiding MRI and prescriptions.  She listens carefully to determine symptom vs cause.  Janina did excellent work on some breast bone fascia that was really in dire need of attention, limited my swim stroke.  I am so grateful for her personalized assessment and her expertise.  I really appreciate her eye contact, professional touch, and honesty.  Janina is a stellar human, REALLY!   I am back on track and feeling much better.

Female, 42 years

I wish I had found you ealier! I feel so much better now! 

Male athlete, 32 years

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